Why I Chose The Greeting Card
Business As An Internet Business

So how did I get started in the greeting card business and why?

When I was 22 I discovered people were making money online. I found out thatnot everything is a scam online. There were real people making real money.

Once I knew the internet lifestyle was real, I decided to jump in myself. I ownseveral websites and have even written books about marketing.

If you google "David Dutton" you can find more about the many projects that I done over the six years I have been online.

About two years ago my buddy David Frey, who happens to be one of the top 5 marketers in the world, told me about the greeting card business and how much money is in this industry. When David speaks, I listen. He knows his stuff.

The crazy thing was the company David was involved with was a network marketing company. I was shocked that David joined.

He has never joined a company with that type of distribution model. I wasn't shocked after I learned more about network marketing and how it works.

Once I educated myself on the industry, I decided this was for me!

I wanted something in an industry that is fast-growing, never goes out of style (evergreen), and that people use and want.

I also wanted something that would provide an on-going residual income. You know, something that would pay me over and over for the work that I do one time!

One cool thing about the greeting card business that I market is that I run it mostly through the Internet. People actually track ME down to join with me because they know I can teach them to market their greeting card business online as well.

It is so much fun to be able to check your email and have emails waiting for you of people wanting more information about my greeting card business. I don't do the family and friends thing along I do tell my team to atleast let them know what business that you are in so you can get referrals.

If you would like to learn more details about me then I am an open book. You should check out my main site which is www.WhoIsDavidDutton.com. You can see the products I authored as well as some more personal stuff about me.

If you have questions about the home based greeting card business then you can go to the home based greeting card business faq page or even better, fill out the form for the greeting card business free gift account so I can actually show you the business.

The Greeting Card business >>> Starting A Greeting Card Business Homepage

Look What
Others Are Saying About The Greeting Card Business And David Dutton

"I Now Have Work That is Truly Meaningful And Special!"

Lenette Santiago
New York

"We Would Not Have Been Able To Do It Without David Dutton"

David Munoz
New York

"The Return On Investment Is Remarkable!"

Jonathan Taylor
Knoxville, Tennnessee

"It's Simply A Fun, Fun, Fun, Business..."

David Ringor
Northern California

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