"Your Own Greeting
Card Business And
Network Marketing -
What Nobody Is Telling You!"

How would you like to have your own greeting card business and make a residual income off of every card ever sent using the network marketing model?

When people think of mlm or network marketing they think of the old Amway model and pitching products that they don't even like to their friends and family.

THANK GOD times have changed!!

The network marketing business model works even on a part time basis if you know what you are doing.

The biggest reason that I keep saying over and over is have a product or service that people WANT.

Let me share with you more about the network marketing model.

Several times this week you will recommend a book, restaurant or movie to one of your friends or co-workers right?

You will probably not make a dime on the fact that you influenced one more person to go see the movie or buy the book you said was a good purchase.

With network marketing you can now find a fun and exciting product to share with people and now get paid for sharing it with others.

Some of those people will want to sell it like you so you can now make money when they start sharing the product as well.

That is really it. Very simple model!

You start earning a small commission off of every purchase a person makes. Month after month.

Pretty smart huh?

You will be that person that people want to meet because you can help thousands of people if you like find a way to get out of the rat race.

The impact networking marketing can have on your family is powerful if you know what you are doing.


Time Leverage

Let's say you have your own greeting card business with the network marketing model.

You start by sharing your online greeting card business with someone who becomes a client. That person ends up liking the product so much that they call you and ask if they can sell it as well.

You say sure!

They start sharing the greeting cards with others and build up a big client list. You now are making money off of EVERY greeting card that those clients mail out. Let that sink in!

It's fun to own your own greeting card business right?

You might of only worked 5 hours that week but your time was leveraged because you had others working with you while you were off doing something else.

Make sense?

One more example is how I use audio recordings on this site a lot.

I record the message one time but people can listen to it over and over. My time is leveraged.

Residual Income

You know that everytime a song is played on the radio the musican that created the song gets paid right?

That is residual income.

Working one time on a project but getting paid over and over.

Musicians, authors and insurance sales people are a few professions that do earn a residual income.

The secret is to find a consumable product or service. One that people use up and have to reorder over and over again.

Let's use the greeting card business opportunity model again.

People send birthday cards.

People send Christmas cards.

People send thank you cards.

People send aniversary cards.

Once they are sent they are used up.

Guess what?

The process is started ALL over again so they have to reorder and YOU make more money.

At first, a residual income in network marketing is slow. However, over time with consistent action, you can build a significant income stream off ALL the greeting cards sent in your organization.

That is powerful.

Think of it like an apartment building. The people who own the apartment building don't make money upfront because it takes 1-3 years to build out the entire building.

However, when the building is done, they ding 500 people's credit card for $500-1,200 per month for rent and do very little work for that money once the place is up.


Really the best way to explain this concept is the "Penny a Day" story.

Let's say you start on the 1st day of the month with 1 penny in your bank account. Now, you are going to double it every day for the rest of the month.

How much you will have in your account on day 30?

Well, here you go -

Day 1 - 1 cent Day 2 - 2 cents
Day 3 - 4 cents
Day 7 - 64 cents
Day 14 - $81.92
Day 21 - $10,485.76
Day 30 - $5,368,708

If you find your own greeting card business a fun business to be apart of and you think others would too, you can do very well by teaching someone else to do exactly what you are doing.

By doing so you can have a story similiar to the "Penny a Day" story before long.

Just think what having your own greeting card business could do for you and your family.


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