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10 Proven Marketing Tips For A Home
Based MLM Greeting Card Business

If you are thinking about starting a home based mlm greeting card business then you are going to want to learn marketing. After four years of running my own mlm greeting card business, learning how to market and teaching my team how to duplicate what I have done is why I am still in the business.

Below are 15 mlm greeting card tips that you can use in your business. If you would like to see how I market then you can download my 6 point checklist on how I built my downline online. It is free for the taking!

small business1. Look for a hungry niche FIRST - What you need to do is find a hungry niche first, find out what they’re ALREADY buying, and then sell them your greeting cards or system.

All I did to become successful was find people already interested in my greeting card business and attracted them to me.


2. Promote only those products that you’d use yourself - Propects will buy your passion. You need to use the greeting cards to be passionate about your business. Only promote those products that you’d recommend to your mother or your best friend.

Point is, don’t let the excitement of big commissions and a high conversion rate cloud your vision. Your primary objective is to help your customers. If you’re selling products that fill your pockets with money but don’t solve your customers’ problems, you’re sacrificing long-term profits for short-term gains.

As such, put your primary focus on helping your customers by recommending good products. Doing so will earn their trust, which means they’ll be more likely to buy from you in the future. It’s a win-win situation.

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3. Subscribe to other marketers’ newsletters - One idea can change your life. We are all wired differently and have different skill sets. Find marketers who you groove with and join their lists.

Find out how they market to you and model them in your home based greeting card business.

small business

4. Build a List - People buy from those they know, like and trust. That means if you’re sending your prospects straight to your vendors page, the prospect likely doesn’t know you OR the vendor. And so the conversion rate will be very low.

Instead, get your visitors on your mailing list instead. That way you can build a relationship with your subscribers and earn their trust. Now these “cold” visitors become “warm” prospects… and your conversion rate shoots through the roof!

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5. Offer a relevant freebie to boost subscriptions - Just as you offer a free bonus to boost the conversion rate on a paid product, you should also offer a relevant freebie to increase the number of people who subscribe to your newsletter.

You might offer a freebie such as:

  • A free ebook or other downloadable text product.
  • A free audio product such as an audio book.
  • Access to a free teleseminar or webinar.
  • A free video.
  • Free software or other tools.
  • A free ecourse.

Extra Tip: See my successful example below this tip. :-)




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6. Create a squeeze page - Back in the mid to late 1990’s, people used to freely give their email addresses to almost anyone. They joined newsletters because it was fun to get email. And they didn’t even mind the spam because email was such a novelty. NOT any more.

Now people protect their email addresses as fiercely as a mama bear protects her cubs. And that means the words “free newsletter” won’t have people scrambling to join your mailing list. Instead, you need to craft a sales page (AKA “squeeze page”) that convinces people to join your list.

As such, you need to create a short page that tells your prospects what they get when they join your newsletter. That is, what benefits will they receive?

Example: A benefit of joining a dog training newsletter might be: “You could have a perfectly housetrained dog in just 72 hours from now!”

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7. Create an autoresponder series - As mentioned, you can offer a free multi-day ecourse as a bonus to those who join your newsletter. But even if you don’t offer a specific ecourse, you should still upload at least 7 to 12 messages into your autoresponder that are part content, part pitch.

The content will help you build a relationship with your subscribers, while you can use the promotional parts of each email to pre-sell a product.

Example: You’re selling your mlm greeting card business, you create a seven part autoresponder series that lists the seven steps to becoming successful. In each message you include a pitch for your business.

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8. Put your affiliate marketing on autopilot - Instead of just creating a 7 to 12 part autoresponder series, you can create a series that lasts for three months, six months, twelve months or more.

For example, a one-year autoresponder series would mean you’d just need to create 52 weekly messages with evergreen content that promotes evergreen products. Then you can focus on building your list and let your “autopilot sales funnel” close the sales and put money in your pocket!

Example: You can create a 52-message series such as “52 Greeting Card Business Tips” or “52 Ways to Make Money With Greeting Cards.”

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9. Show your readers that you care - If you treat your newsletter subscribers and prospects like mini ATMs (cash machines), they’ll sense it. And they’ll run away from you faster than a cat trying to avoid a bath.

Instead, you need to show your readers you care. Show them some empathy. Let them know that you understand their problems, and that you truly want to help them. You do this by:

Empathizing (e.g., “I know how embarrassing it is to have your dog practically knock your guests over…”).

Being honest with your product reviews.

Promoting only GOOD products.

Recommending the best product, even if it is a free product. (This doesn’t put money in your pocket in the short term, but doing so builds trust… and that means more money in the long term.)

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10. Advertise in other peoples’ newsletters - You’re not limited to just making money from your own newsletter. You can also make money by advertising in other peoples’ newsletters by buying ezine and solo ads.

Look for publishers with good reputations who send out quality content (the kind that you’d keeps his subscribers reading). Then ask him if he accepts paid ads. If so, ask him about his demographics (e.g., where he got his subscribers and who they are). Finally, ask him if you can start with a small ad buy. If you get results, you can buy more ads from him.

Extra Tip: Don’t send traffic to an affiliate link. Instead, send them to your newsletter subscription (squeeze) page!

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