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"Here's My 4 Years Experience With A Greeting Card Business All Laid Out For You To Profit From Right Now"

Dear fellow greeting card entrepreneur,

If you are reading this letter then you have more than likely seen my Youtube videos and free articles.

I hope you realize by now that I am not going to waste your time and that when I put something together, you are going to get a lot of value out of it.

This physical audio CD I put together is no different.

What I have done is put together real world things that I have learned from growing my greeting card business over the past 3 years. This stuff isn't theory or hype either.

I PROMISE, PROMISE, PROMISE what I teach works. I use everything I teach daily so take action on what you learn!

    Here's what you'll discover today...

  • Quickstart Strategy: How I Get Customers To Say Yes Fast (Use This Instantly)

  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Start One Right Now
  • a. People ______________ the product.

    b. You are selling something people actually ______________.

    c. This business is incredibly ___________________.

    d. It is very _____________ _______________ to get started.

    e. Greeting cards are __________________ so the residual income factor is there which is critical.

    f. The ____________________ is perfect right now because people are ________________________ for other options.

  • The Hands Down Easiest Type Of Person I Target To Buy Greeting Cards
  • a. _____________ _____________ _____________ are the easiest people to target with your greeting cards.

  • 5 Proven Ways To Market Your Greeting Cards Very Easily
  • a. Using the power of the ________________. (THIS IS MY FAVORITE STRATEGY)

    b. Attending ______________ __________________.

    c. Putting your own ____________________ together.

    c. Tapping into ___________________ marketing.

    c. Giving your prospects a ______________. (This is another secret of mine)

  • The Top 7 Coolest Things I Discovered About My Greeting Card Business
  • a. Adding ___________ to people's lives is very rewarding.

    b. It is truly a residual ______________ type of business.

    c. I don't encounter people that ____________ their lives.

    d. Owning your own greeting card business can be VERY ______________. (this is a good thing of course!)

    e. It has been one of the _______________ businesses I have ever started.

    f. I can be as _______________ as I want to be.

    g. I can run my business from __________________.

  • 3 “Things To Do” Every Day For Success
  • a. Do something to ______________ your business.

    b. _________ your results.

    c. Continue to ____________ in your marketing knowlege.

  • 5 Simple Real-Life Marketing Strategies I Use To Get Quicker Results
  • a. The social proof technique and why it works so well.

    b. I leverage the power of ___________.

    c. I use a __________ to sell for me.

    d. Using _____________ helps me bond with my prospects and presell my business.

    e. Giving ___________ first before I ask for anything.

  • And Much More...

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Audio CD Now for Only:

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