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Top 16 Reasons Why You Should Consider
Starting A Home Based Greeting Card Business

After 4 awesome years of running my own home based greeting card business, I have decided to compile a list of what I think the top reasons are that people should consider starting a greeting card business.

This is based from my own personal experience and are not in any certain order. I hope you enjoy.

small business1. You Are Your Own Boss - If you have never experienced life not waking up to an alarm clock or having to leave your house at a certain time every morning to beat rush hour traffic, I highly encourage you to consider doing something for yourself and start your own business.

Don't build someone else's dreams. A greeting card business helps you do that.


2. You Can Make Extra Income - If you want to make an extra $1,000-$5,000 a month it is very doable with a greeting card business. You might even want to make $10,000 a month to fullfill your dream, that is doable as well if you have a plan to follow.

It is 2010 as I write this and with the current job market, it is very wise to have an extra form of income coming in so you and your family are taken care of if a job loss happens to occur (hope not of course).

small business

3. You Can Pay Extra Bills - Just when you think everything is going smoothly, "Murphy" drops by and all the sudden the transmission goes out in your car.

Most people would be hit hard but with a greeting card business bringing in additional income every month on autopilot, you won't have to worry.

small business

4. You Can Own A Family Oriented Business From Home - Your kids are only kids once so if you want to be there for them then a greeting card business can be the vehicle that helps you achieve that.

Plus, due to the type of business it is (helping people feel good), this opens up some great teaching moments that you can share with your kids. We need more values taught to our kids and we need parents spending time with their kids to do that.




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5. You Can Control Your Own Destiny A.K.A. Independence - This is similiar to number one but living life on your own terms is something that this business allows you to do.

small business

6. You Can Create Retirement Income For Yourself - Most people would be shocked at how powerful compound interest really is. If you made an extra $500 a month and put that in an investment account for a few years, then they have the potential for a nice retirement.

There are several financial calculators online you can use to determine what you need ever month.

If you are already at retirement age then and extra $1,000-$5,000 a month from your greeting card business could go pretty far I am sure. This is very doable with this type of business.

small business

7. You Love Greeting Cards - You like designing or writing cards and want to turn this into an income. Maybe you just know the power of receving one in the mail during a time when you might of had a bad day...I call this the God factor.

Somehow a card shows up just at the right time when you need it.

small business

8. You Will Have Time Freedom - I love running my greeting card business when I want on my own time. You see, money is good but having the time freedom to do whatever you want is something VERY nice as well.

No weekends..no nights...or only if you want there to be..it is up to you!

small business

9. You Can Give Extra Money to Charity - It's not just about you or I but how many people we can make a difference in their lives. You can finally help family members out or that charity that you believe so much.

small business

10. You Can Help People Feel Good - This is one of my favorite reasons. Since I have been doing this for so long, I have so many stories of how greeting cards have made an impact on people whether it be for business or personal reasons.

You will never get tired of people's reactions to the greeting cards.

small business

11. You Can Work From Home - You will never have to worry about being away from your family, office politics or anything that goes along with working outside the home. This is a business that can be ran from anywhere.

small business

12. You Can Travel While Running Your Business - Yes! It is true because I like to travel and I still am able to be very succesful with my own greeting card business.

small business

13. You Can Own A Cool And Interesting Business - At the end of the day, this is just a fun and cool business to be apart of.

small business

14. You Can Help Pay For Your Home - You can use the extra money to buy a home or do those extra repairs that need your attention.

We have bought ALL KINDS of stuff for our house with my greeting card business income.

small business

15. You Can Build Up Your Savings - Instead of saving less than 4% of your income like most American's you can now start stashing away a rainy day fund for vacations, retirement or whatever.

When you start your business, reinvest your earnings back into your business to get it going to the point that you can pay for whatever you are saving for.

small business

16. You Are Selling Something People Want - Maybe I should have put this at number one because this is HUGE.

Remember this very important tip: PEOPLE BUY WHAT THEY WANT - NOT WHAT THEY NEED.

As humans we will always find money for what we want so sell something people want. Greeting cards are something people want. Please reread this reason 3 times.

There you have it,my 16 reasons why you should consider starting a greeting card business.

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