How A Greeting Card Marketing Plan Can Do Wonders For Your Greeting Card Business

So you decided that a home based greeting card business is for you. Awesome! A greeting card marketing plan to put your new business on the map.

What I am going to share with you is from "personal experience". This is exactly what I do to market my greeting card business and what I teach my teaam to do as well.

There are a million ways to market your business. What I teach with our training is to pick 3-5 ways to market yourself and become an expert at just those ways.

Now, you may find once you dig in that your way isn't working. No problem! Just change what you are doing.

Listen, marketing is one big test. Try something and if it is not working you tweak it a bit or drop it all together. Your greeting card marketing plan will probably evolve over time. That is alright.

The way I decided to grow my greeting card business personally is through marketing online. I wanted to be able to "attract" the right people to me and have them contact ME verses chasing people. Does it work? You better believe it! I have people contact me daily for access to my free ecourse and some even just pick up the phone and call me.

How cool is that??

How do I do that?

People are looking to start a greeting card business everyday. What I do is write articles, post on blogs, make video's which get listed in the search engines. People find my site and I let my site presell people.

By the time people contact me, they are wanting to join my home based greeting card opportunity because they KNOW my greeting card marketing plan works from personal experience.

By the way, I teach my team very simple steps to do exactly what I am doing when it comes to starting a greeting card business so don't worry if you have doubts about marketing online.

You get to work with me and my team where I take you by the hand and show you exactly what I am doing to be successful.

If you like, you should grab one of my free greeting card business gift accounts and test the waters to see if you want to start a greeting card business or not.

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