Why Business Owners Will Love
Your Greeting Card Mailing Business

Yet another way to be successful with our greeting card system is to start your own greeting card mailing business.

Like I said, we have three awesome ways to make money and this is one of them.

Let me explain how you could make this work with an example.

Ron Realtor is trying to be successful in his real estate business. He knows the value of referrals and staying in touch with his clients.

However, Ron Realtor is running around like a chicken with his head cut-off so he feels he doesn't have time to do it himself.

That is where you come in with your greeting card mailing business!

With our system, you can set up campaigns where cards go out at different times automatically. You set up the campaign once and when you have a new client, you just upload their database to the system and hit send!

Your work is done!!

Let me give you an example of a campaign you could use in your greeting card mailing business.

Month 1 -- Thank You Card
Month 2 -- Referral Card (I already have powerful referral cards that I will give you as a team member)
Month 3 -- Holiday Card
Month 4 -- Referral Card
Month 5 -- Thinking of You Card
Month 6 -- Referral Card

Ron Realtors referral marketing campaign is done and your work entailed just pushing a few buttons.

How do you get paid?

Our greeting card system works on a points basis.

.31 a point is the cost. It cost you......

1 point for a postcard.
2 points for a greeting card.
1 extra point if you add a picture to the card.

So if you were sending greeting cards out for the campaign, it would cost you .93 for that card including a picture. You then turnaround and charge your client maybe double the price of the card for running the campaign for him.

You make money off of every prospect he sends you for working one time.

He will love you for it because he knows he should have a referral marketing campaign but he never gets around to designing one. You, being the marketing expert that you are, come along and make him one happy camper!

That is the power of our greeting card system and the fun of starting a greeting card business.

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Others Are Saying About The Greeting Card Business And David Dutton

"I Now Have Work That is Truly Meaningful And Special!"

Lenette Santiago
New York

"We Would Not Have Been Able To Do It Without David Dutton"

David Munoz
New York

"The Return On Investment Is Remarkable!"

Jonathan Taylor
Knoxville, Tennnessee

"It's Simply A Fun, Fun, Fun, Business..."

David Ringor
Northern California

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