"Here's 3 Lucrative Ways
To Make Money With A
Greeting Card Home Business"

With our greeting card home business you can pick and choose how you grow your business!

You might be use to only having one way to make money. Let's expand your mind for a minute.

Our company has a unique program that allows you to make money from home three unique ways. You can make money through:

Retail sales


Residual income and Team Building

You choose the way you want to build your greeting card home business and you can be confident that your sponsor and upline will support you in whichever ways you decide are best for you. There is more than one way to market your business. We'll assist you in designing a greeting card business plan that is right for you.

Let's talk about each different method -

Retail Sales - You can make quick money in the greeting card business by retailing the greeting cards. If all you did was target business owners who send cards to all their clients then you could have a serious business.

Another thing as well is how many people send Christmas cards out each year. When you show them that they can send cards from their computer in their own handwriting for under a dollar, they will be hooked!

There are many ways to retail greeting cards: Home parties, office parties, open houses, information seminars, direct face to face selling, booths, shows, expos, gift baskets, corporate gifts, and more.

Our award winning team is made up of the top marketers in the world so we have so many ways to help you grow your business. You get access to all the training once you decide to get started.

Fundraisers - What a great way to help organizations that need to make money and also be able to put money in your picket at the same time. A greeting card home business can do that!

There are many causes and organizations that have personal meaning to individuals and they then have a desire to become involved, show support and help.

And, here's an observation presented by many -

People just like you and me, are approached often by children and adults involved in raising funds for worthy causes we would like to support, right? Or maybe as a parent you might be actively involved in fundraising for many of your children's activities.

You have probably noticed the choices they offer are very limited.

You may be sick of:

  • Candy
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Popcorn
  • Bake Sales
  • Cookie Dough

People are looking for value in fundraisers. With this program, you can create an income, from home, and it can be done with children, by working with organizations on fundraising! Many are jumping on it.

And, the best part is, we are able to help others do the same thing!!

There are thousands of organizations in your area looking for ways to earn more money every year. Why not help them and earn money at the same time?

The process of setting up a fundraiser is simple. We have a complete fundraiser training guide to coach you along the way.

Residual Income and Team Building - How many other people do you know who like sending greeting cards and might like to own a greeting card home business for themselves? With gas prices the way they are now, people are looking for extra money and a way to stay home.

When you build a business organization by sponsoring others into the program you can earn 5-10% of the commissionable sales volume of all the Team Partners in your organization.

This plan was designed to benefit both the part-time and full-time distributor. That is why the larger commission is at both the 1st and 6th levels. You can earn residual income based on the retail sales of your entire organization!

So, we've just about covered it all. The next step is for you to get started, or have a phone conversation with me.

Get started now by joining here!

Or, complete this form for a phone conversation. Either way, I look forward to getting to know you better.


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