4 Ways To Stay In Your
Greeting Card Home Business

Contrary to what some teach, starting a greeting card home business does actuallytake some work to start. Now, for me, this is about the easiest work that I have doneand gotten paid for in my entire life...but I still have to work.

I have written down 4 things that you need to keep in mind if you want to keep your greeting card home business as a form of income for you and your family.

1) Do something to market your business daily.

Decide on how fast you want to grow your business and set aside time to do something daily to market your business. If you spent one solid hour marketing your business then it will do wonders for your bottom line.

Don't just do any task though. Only focus on the things that make you money. Sometimes we will work on things that don't make us money directly such as shuffling papers for two hours. :-)

2) Overdeliver on customer service

When someone hands you money that they have worked hard for then that is extremely powerful. It takes a lot of trust This is an awesome moment to blow their mind with customer service. Your own greeting card home businesswill survive long after other people who tried to start a greeting card company vanish.

Overdelivering could be sending them a thank you gift after they purchase from you. You might be thinking that it would cut into your profits but if you look at the "lifetime value" of a greeting card customer then you will soon relealize that the "wow" factor will cause your new customer to tell others about you.

3) Offer something different or unique

Another way to overdeliver is to offer something that they can't get anywhere else. Let me give you an example. I offer some killer training to my team members who are growing their on greeting card home business. Part of the training is their own greeting card business plan. This is training that nobody in our company can offer. People will join my greeting card business team simply to be around the training I offer.

This is just an example of offering something unique which in turn, makes you more valuable to the market.

4) Study Marketing

I cannot stress this enough. Your greeting card home business could be the best thing since sliced bread but if nobody knows about your business then it doesn't matter. Marketing is the greatest skill that you can learn when it comes to making money with greeting cards.

Let me give you an example...

You are at my site and you are skeptical about my home based greeting card business opportunity so you take my free ecourse. While taking my ecourseyou skip on over to my story to read more about how I got into the greeting card business.

Next, you start reading my greeting card business testimonials to back up what I say on this website.

I also go ahead and answer the most frequently asked questions when starting a home based greeting card business.

You can see I have a complete marketing system that presells people...not bullies them into making moneywith greeting cards. Because of this marketing system, people call me and want to join our team from all over the world. THAT is marketing.

It is that simple. Marketing is everything.

I would like to invite you to check out the rest of the site and decide if a greeting card home business is right for you. You can even

contact meif like as well. I don't bite.

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