Alright so you are possibly considering starting a greeting card business. Awesome!

We have a system where you can send greeting cards from your computer, in your own handwriting, and for under a $1.

By the way, these are PHYSICAL CARDS mailed right to your home. These are not ecards. You can design your own cards!

I have found the best way to see if this business is for you or not is to give you a free account and let you send cards to your friends and customers.

I would love to hear about the reaction of your friends when they get one of our cool cards. The best ones are where you upload a picture to the front of the card. People LOVE those.

I have set you up with a gift account so you can send two cards out and see what you and your friends think about them.

If you've taken the time to explore this website and are seriously looking at this business opportunity as an exciting choice for you, let's get information and a gift account to you.

By filling out this form, I can start to learn a little more about you, your interests and goals, and what you are looking for in both a business and a partnership.

PLEASE no one word answers.Remember, there are many people competing for a position on my team.

After I receive your information, I will email and call you.


It will not be a sales call. I don't believe in selling anyone about anything. That's no good for anyone.

It will be a simple conversation so we can determine if we can work together!

2 Very Important Things:

1. If you are not open to receiving a phone interview from me, please do not complete the form.

2. Starting a greeting card business takes money. Not a lot of money at all but money still.

If you do not have any money at all to start a greeting card business , please don't fill out the form. Your best option is to start sending out resumes for a job or use my report on 50 Ways To Raise $100-$1000 In 30 Days Guaranteed to raise money to start your business.

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