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About David Dutton. . ."

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In The Press....

The Murfreesboro Post Article

At My Local Events....

"If all meetup's were as interesting and informative as this one, you would have a terrific group of meetup groups. I love it."
Margaret Heath

"I loved it. David really knows his stuff. I can't wait to have another meeting."

"I love this group! David has such incredible energy and is a font of excellent knowledge for successful entrepreneurship! " -
Anna Meow

"The Meetup Meeting was excellent. I learned things that could be put into practice immediately.

"Awesome group! Thank you David for you labor of love for others. "
Linda Jefferson

"The speaker was amazing. I couldn't take notes fast enough! Thanks David!"

"I obtained some good ideas that I am working on putting into practice in the near future"
Vicki Borowski

I will definitely return"
John Horgan

"Wonderful, everyone was so helpful.....I have been looking for a group like this."
Sharon Michon

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After They Hire David Dutton...

“David Helped Me Increase My Business By 183%”

PROBLEM: Kevin needed a way to maximize his time and still give value to his clients.

SOLUTION: Kevin used a simple pricing strategy that David Dutton shared with him during a consultation.

RESULT: Kevin’s business skyrocketed 183% and his clients are thrilled with the new pricing structure.

Kevin McClellan

Ashland, KY


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Look What
Others Are Saying About The Greeting Card Business And David Dutton

"I Now Have Work That is Truly Meaningful And Special!"

Lenette Santiago
New York

"We Would Not Have Been Able To Do It Without David Dutton"

David Munoz
New York

"The Return On Investment Is Remarkable!"

Jonathan Taylor
Knoxville, Tennnessee

"It's Simply A Fun, Fun, Fun, Business..."

David Ringor
Northern California

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