Greeting Card Business Home Parties

Here is a novel idea for greeting card business home parties and I would be willing to bet you have never attended this type of event. The fantastic part is you do not have to spend a fortune to have a great party. Before you put on your party hat and send out the invitations, make a list of what you would like for this party to accomplish.

If it is the summer season or you live in the south where the weather is warmer longer, an outside patio party is always fun. Games are always a source of enjoyment at parties so they will surely be a hit at one of your greeting card business home parties.

If a outside party is going to be your theme, let them bring their kids. It is meant to be a fun day and sometimes that is why people do not attend these parties, simply because the kids are out of school and they do not have a sitter.

Enlist the help of your teenage children (if you have older kids) to help keep an eye on the children who come to the party. If you have younger children, call on your sisters or your regular babysitter for a little help. The relaxing atmosphere can do nothing but help in your quest to show people how much fun this business can be. If you have a pool, make it a pool party.

A Few Tips for the Best Greeting Card Business Home Sales Party

Here are a few pointers on how to throw your greeting card business home parties. Who ever said you cannot have fun and learn something at the same time?.

Set up a table in the room/area in which you are going to have the party. Make sure you have all your samples and everything you need to explain the business.

You may want to invite one or two of your experienced greeting card salesmen. Encourage them to do a little bragging about the money they making from this business. This is one time it will be all right.

An idea that pleases everyone at parties is to have a door prize. This could be a complimentary offer from your company. Something along the lines of a few free cards to send to friends and relatives similar to the website freebie.

Offering an incentive for signing up for your home based greeting card business is another great way to get people interested.

If you want to really put a little effort into your party, set up your computer so people can see exactly how this works.

Do not forget the refreshments! WhatÂ’s a party without refreshments?

Another great idea for your greeting card business home parties is to have a treasure hunt. This is always loads of fun. Use the greeting cards as the treasure and hide them and leave clues according to the type of card you use. For example, if it is a Christmas card make sure the clue is a Christmas clue. The winner will get a greeting card related prize and there can be runners up as well.

Everyone will be talking about what a great time they had at your party and wondering when you are planning another. This is only one way to market your greeting card business.

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