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When starting a greeting card business myself, I decided on wanted to use the internet to drive leads to my site so I picked a couple of the over 77 ways I know to drive traffic and ran with them. One of them is forum marketing.

Forum marketing is an excellent way to market a greeting card biz for free. But there are some things that you need to know so you don't banned. If you want to get banned very quickly then go on a forum and blatantly advertise your home based greeting card business. I am obviously joking so don't go and do that.

Start by create an interesting profile which includes a picture of yourself. I need to back up real quick. When you are choosing your screen name, I highly suggest you use your name instead of something like This way people get to know you and you start building a brand. The brand of you.

Next, under your profile, create a signature file which is the information that will post under your name each time you make a post. Add a catchy line and a link to your greeting card biz website. The key is to drive the visitors to your home based greeting card website and hopefully gather their name and email address to follow up with them.

Don’t do anything to draw attention to your signature - such as continually telling people, “I have more information on the site in my sig file.” Focus on giving helpful information and people willnotice you.

Next, start making posts that answer questions. Being a member of a forum, you’ll be there to give people helpful answers to their questions and post an occasional thread of your own to spark a discussion or provide helpful tips.

It is important not to try and sell people. Just give of yourself and people will want to know more about you.

The point of this phase is to start establishing yourself as an expert in the niche. By giving people valuable answers, you’ll be seen as the go-to person in your niche. As forum members start to recognize your contributions, they’ll start looking for your posts, hanging on your every word!

After you’ve built up a very good reputation at the forum, people may start searching for you on their own. People are looking for a leader and if they see you are a giving person because of your forum posts, many will want to google your name to learn more about you.

It is all about being the “hunted” and not the “hunter”.

Once you are known in the forum,the owner of the forum might even make you a moderator which gives you much for credibility when you post.

Don't abuse the forum and respect the forum boundaries. One of the worst things you can do also is private message people and tell them to check out your greeting card biz website. This isn't cool on so many levels but the biggest is an expert would not do such a thing and you want to create an expert image of yourself.

In fact, the only time you should ever try and promote your home based greeting card business is if someone makes a post that specifically asks for recommendations about products.

For example, if someone asks, “Does anyone know about starting a greeting card business?” You could probably get away with posting, “Actually, I started my own greeting card business and it has been a fun business for my family and I. If you’re interested, you can find the link in my signature file.”

Again, forums can be a great way to get free traffic to your home based greeting card website but just remember the rules above. Look at forum marketing as a longterm strategy because your posts will be there for years.

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